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CNC Machining
At Chenju Precision, we combine the latest CNC machining and CNC lathe technology with proprietary technology to provide high-quality customized machining services.
CNC Milling Service
Chenju Precision provides 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling services to quickly create right-angle milling functions, and quickly create machining from simple straight lines to complex geometric shapes.
CNC Turning Service
We provide precision CNC turning services, also known as CNC lathe services, which can process a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium alloy and various plastic materials. Contact us for more details: Amy@c
Five axis CNC machining service
Many parts with complex structures require five-axis CNC machining. Chenju has sophisticated five-axis CNC machining equipment and proprietary machining technology. The machining accuracy can reach ±0.005mm, and various special-shaped parts can be ea
Rapid Prototyping Service
At Chenju Precision, we not only consider innovative industrial design to provide customized services for small batch production of products, but also provide rapid prototype processing services, which can be processed in 2-5 days.
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Chenju also provides sheet metal processing, which can process various precision sheet metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts, chassis shells, auto parts, electronic and electrical accessories, etc. For more information, please contact Amy@cjcncm
Chenju Advantage
High-quality products + high-quality services = chenju
Factory direct sales, reduce your procurement costs
Precision processing equipment, precise size control
24 hours processing, guarantee delivery
High-quality service, high customer return rate
100% full inspection, high pass rate
32 processing equipment, high production capacity
Chenju Precision Support
Provide You With Strong NC Machining Resource Support

Iterate part designs quickly and accelerate product development with quick-turn parts. Our automated design analysis will help spot any difficult to machine features before your design is sent to the manufacturing floor and save you from costly reworks further down the product development cycle.

Eliminate downtime spent waiting for parts and safeguard in-house machining with on-demand relief and infinite manufacturing capacity.

We stock more than 30 engineering-grade plastic and metal materials that are suitable for various part applications and industries. Materials range from plastics like ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, and PEEK to aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, and copper.

Across our six 3D printing technologies, we use a range of commercial-grade thermoset resins, and thermoplastic and metal powders to 3D print parts that are suitable for various part applications and industries. 

If required for your parts, we offer a variety of post-process options such as heat treating, secondary machining, plating, painting, and dyeing to further enhance mechanical properties and cosmetics.

Our industry-leading tolerances and surface finish quality stems from a dedicated process engineering and quality team for each 3D printing technology. We also offer a proprietary material called Microfine™, which can build features as small as 0.0025 in.
Cooperative Partner
Provide You With Strong NC Machining Resource Support
  • Volkswagen
  • Haas Automation
  • Bell Helmets
  • Vishay Intertechnology
  • Johnson Controls
  • Bell Helmets
  • Volkswagen
  • Johnson Controls
  • Haas Automation
  • Vishay Intertechnology
14 Years Of ChenJu
Thanks 3580+ customers for their trust
This is a prototype we made for our customers. In the continuous technological innovation, more and more high-techsmart products have entered our lives, bringing more fun and experience to our lives. This multi-function projector is one of them. The
Many products need to use metal parts or metal shells, these parts or shells need to use CNC processing in the design and developmentor mass production. This is a shell part made of aluminum alloy material processed by our CNC. The size is ∮585mm*1
This is a camera housing made of aluminum alloy. Customers have high requirements on the appearance and precision of the product.The design effect cannot be achieved by die-casting, so the customer chooses Chenju for small batch CNC processing. Many
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Each certificate is a prerequisite and guarantee for our custom CNC machining
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The company has 3-axis, 5-axis, 5-axis linkage CNC, walking machine, CNC lathe, easy to solve complex and special-shaped parts. The accuracy can reach ±0.005mm.
High-precision machining equipment, 10 years of machining master, strict size control, 13 quality inspections to escort quality.
We always insist on continuous innovation, continuous breakthroughs, and always maintain the industry leader led by products, technology and services, and make new products and improve services.
Provide customers with high-quality machining products and professional machining services.
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Provide you with strong nc machining resource support
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In ChenJu Precision, our technical sales staff will response to your custom CNC machining parts within 30 minutes with 1-to-1 online service. you will get the professional advice and save you R&D time.

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