A long-established rapid prototype ,custom metal parts factory

Chenju company began in 2007, focusing on precision parts processing for 14 years, has provided high-quality precision parts processing services for 2285 customers, and has become a long-term partner of many large enterprises.

"Internet + Intelligent manufacturing" is Industry 4.0.

"Industry 4.0" is a concept introduced by Germany. The United States is called "Industrial Internet" and China is called "Made in China 2025". The essence of these three is the same, and they all point to one core, which is intelligent manufacturing. ChenJu Precision is very sympathetic to Internet + Intelligent manufacturing, and will follow this philosophy to provide CNC technology and intelligent manufacturing to engineers and designers around the world through the Internet to help them realize their ideas and work hard to promote world industrial innovation!

Our sales team

This is our sales team. Everyone in our sales team is trained and selected after at least 3-5 years of practical work in our production department. I am familiar with various engineering software and processing techniques. Love this industry and company, we can provide customers with various process consultation, design suggestions, problem solutions, free quotes, online reply within 2 hours, after contact with us,I think you will agree that we may be the best sales team you have ever met!

Our team of engineers

We have 32 engineers with more than 10 years of experience, and we like to challenge difficult processing technologies. No matter how complex your product is, we have at least two processing solutions. We have extensive experience in processing various metal and plastic materials. Surface treatment, and can provide customers with audit plans (3D and 2D consistent), design suggestions, problem solving and other services

Our testing equipment

Wonderful moments of the team

Our work environment

Chenju Precision covers rapid prototyping, small batch production, surface treatment and other reporting services that require customized parts. We have served 426 customers in 18 countries around the world. Customers only need to provide 3D/2D drawing files to wait for the perfect product. Our product qualification rate exceeds 98%. We not only customize services, but also provide more solutions and value for your products!

In ChenJu Precision, our technical sales staff will response to your custom CNC machining parts within 30 minutes with 1-to-1 online service. you will get the professional advice and save you R&D time.

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