CNC prototyping

This is a prototype we made for our customers. In the continuous technological innovation, more and more high-tech

smart products have entered our lives, bringing more fun and experience to our lives.

CNC prototyping

This multi-function projector is one of them. The designer makes it smarter, more beautiful and more convenient.

After the designer completes thedesign in the drawing, he needs to use prototype processing to verify the structure,

appearance and market promotion of the product.

CNC prototype processing drawing review

CNC prototype processing plastic

CNC prototype machining aluminum alloy

Chenju can complete the structural processing of the entire prototype, and can also perform surface treatment on

the prototype. In the process of prototype processing, we will provide you with design, material, processing, surface

treatment and other optimization suggestions to make your design more perfect, and at the same time allow you

to save processing costs in future mass production.

High-quality CNC prototype processing

CNC prototyping products

If you need prototype processing, you can contact us and we will provide you with services as soon as possible.

In ChenJu Precision, our technical sales staff will response to your custom CNC machining parts within 30 minutes with 1-to-1 online service. you will get the professional advice and save you R&D time.

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