Magnesium alloy parts processing

These are magnesium alloy parts, and the application fields of magnesium alloy materials are very wide, such as aerospace, medical treatment,

automobiles, bicycles, notebooks, etc., so the processing of magnesium alloy parts is very common in CNC machining.

CNC machining magnesium alloy

However, due to the low ignition point of magnesium alloy materials and easy oxidation, the processing of magnesium alloy parts requires

certain experience and methods, otherwise it is easy to cause fires, so many manufacturers cannot process them.

CNC machining magnesium alloy shellCNC machining magnesium alloy shell

Chenju has very rich experience in magnesium alloy parts processing. There are 16 engineers with more than 10 years of magnesium alloy processing

experience. They can easily process various complex magnesium alloy parts and ensure the accuracy and appearance of magnesium alloy parts.

CNC machining magnesium alloy glasses

CNC machining magnesium alloy glasses

If you also need magnesium alloy parts processing, you can ask Chenju for more information,

In ChenJu Precision, our technical sales staff will response to your custom CNC machining parts within 30 minutes with 1-to-1 online service. you will get the professional advice and save you R&D time.

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